An Infinity of Ships

Created by Adam STATION

An Infinity of Ships is an expansive toolkit for creating truly unique spaceships for your sci-fi tabletop roleplaying games. Featuring evocative ship illustrations by Rob Turpin (aka thisnorthernboy) and over 100 pages of tables, generators and adventures, this gorgeous hardcover book and accompanying card deck is the perfect resource for spacefaring GMs and players alike.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Updates, a convention, an interview with Rob!
24 days ago – Mon, Feb 05, 2024 at 05:58:53 AM

Greetings fellow voyagers!

Updates, conventions, INTERVIEW, whoooo!

Infinity of Ships updates!

We've been writing furiously, feverishly, fanatically and, dare I say it, fantastically. Writing will start going into copyediting and layout soon! Red pens, track changes, grids, oh my!

What's that, Robot table? You want to show them a bit of yourself? But... you're not laid out! Won't you feel exposed, vulnerable? You're ok with that? You sure? Ok!

One half of the robot generation table!

Rob has been illustrating rapidly, righteously, rip-roaringly radical recombinations. Rinse and repeat. All rise!

What's that, Mobula Ray medical bot? You want to show off Rob's rendition of you? Ok!

A mobular ray medbot, with deployable patches, created using the Robot table!

Enough shenanigans, here's a few more of Rob's illustrations!

I think I'm a drone now...
An atmoship, imagine seeing this up in the clouds!

STATIONS at Gameface Con!

Adam (that's me, hi) and Jamie will be tabling at the inaugural (and free!) Gameface Con in Baltimore, MD, March 9 and 10th.

We are REALLY excited to have our first ever table, and we've got some cool stuff planned, so come say hi!

  • We'll be running some "shipmaking" sessions, using parts of the book to help people create their own ships (and oh yeah, there will be coloring!)
  • I'll have a limited supply of Deep Space 909 ornaments to sell (printing myself 'cause 3d printing is fun!)
  • We (fingers crossed) will have copies of our new zine, Some Sample(d) Strangers, featuring illustrations by Evlyn Moreau. This will also go up for sale on our website around the same time. More to come on that.
  • Other stuff, probably, definitely!
Two Deep Space 909 ornaments ambushing a hapless Star Destroyer! F- off Empire, we got beats to drop!

Meet Rob Turpin, Illustrator Extraordinaire

Finally, here's an interview we did with Rob, to get some insights into his inspirations and process. Thanks, fella!

Rob is an illustrator, designer and writer from the north of England. Drawing mainly science fiction, fantasy, and imaginary places, he is also the creator of the Weird Field World book, published in 2020. The sequel, Weird Field War is in the works.

What was your first scifi love?

Star Wars, without a doubt. I saw A New Hope in the cinema when I was five years old, and that experience has never left me, and almost certainly never will.

I was a Star Wars nut as a kid, collecting the figures and toys, building my own Death Star out of cardboard boxes because I couldn’t afford the real version from the store. 

The first ‘Art of’ book was the Return of the Jedi sketchbooks. Full of incredible stuff by McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, I still have that book and it’s still inspiring me.

What pulled you into scifi and spaceships?

As above. Star Wars. Certainly initially. But maybe Star Wars was just the gateway. 

Science fiction has been a real love for a very long time. One of the first sci-fi books I ever remember reading was Orbitsville by Bob Shaw, about a Dyson Sphere. How that book ended up in my primary school library I’ll never know. 

From there it was lots of Asimov and Ray Bradbury, some Arthur C Clarke. Many of which had covers by British sci-fi artist Chris Foss. Something about Chris’s brightly coloured, and often stripy, spaceships has always stuck with me.

More recently it’s been authors like Alistair Reynolds (Revelation Space books), Iain M. Banks (Culture novels) and Paul McAuley (A Quiet War) that have sustained my love of science fiction.

On screen, after Star Wars (let’s just pretend the prequels don’t exist OK?), it's Alien. Not Aliens. Alien, singular. I think it’s one of the most perfect films ever made. I’m a huge fan of Ridley Scott and how you can watch Alien and Bladerunner, forty years later, and they still haven’t dated at all - just incredible. That level of detail and authentic world-building just astonishes me. Ron Cobb’s work on Alien, for me, is more impressive and important than HR Giger’s.

The art of Chris Foss, as I mentioned has always been a big influence. Great big ships. Crazy colours. Nothing like the kind of thing anyone else was doing. A huge plus of social media for me is that I’ve been able to exchange a few messages with people like Chris Foss and Ron Cobb. 

More recently, the work of Ian McQue has been hugely influential. I only started drawing again, after a twenty year pause after art school, about nine or ten years ago, and I found Ian’s work pretty quickly on social media. His ability to not only draw very cool stuff, but also to build these incredible, believable, worlds just blows me away. I got a chance a while ago to work on some illustrations for a book that Ian also contributed too, still pretty proud of that.

Did you have a favorite scifi book and/or movie and/or whatever this year?

I’ve not read much lately. The pandemic weirdly put a spanner in my reading, that and the lack of a commute as I gave up freelancing as a graphic designer. 

My favourite film of the year is 100% The Creator. An absolute masterclass of science fiction world building from Gareth Edwards and his team.

Do you play TTRPGs? What have you enjoyed this year?

I don’t. But I do want to get into gaming again. I stopped when I left school, and never got back into it. 

As most of my work is for indie ttrpgs these days, I really should be playing some.

What do you do when you are blocked or uninspired?

Get away from my desk and into nature. I love being out in the countryside with my camera, photographing birds and other wildlife. It’s incredibly relaxing, particularly when I’m out in the woods, and I find it’s a great way to recharge. 

I took my dad on a two week trip to Iceland last year, that was an incredibly inspiring couple of weeks and I came back from that absolutely full of energy and ideas.

What’s your “get shit done” music?

Nothing with lyrics. If I’m concentrating, it’s often no music at all. But if I do listen, it’s usually something vaguely modern classical. Erland Cooper’s Eynhallow EP is a good call usually.

I often have films on in the background while I’m drawing. Nothing new. Familiar films I know well, usually those I can quote the entire script of. Jaws for instance! Another perfect film.

What else have you been working on lately that you want to tell people about?

I’m constantly drawing spaceships. Even when my client work is drawing spaceships, I’ll be drawing spaceships for myself. I find it quite relaxing and a nice way to unwind. 

The other big project I have on, which isn’t sci-fi, is my weird Lovecraftian tale, Innsmouth. Something that sprung from a couple of sketches of lighthouses I’d drawn

 I started tweeting a story. Writing it as I tweeted, with no forward planning. It now spans about 13,000 words of story, and about the same again of background, plus a few dozen illustrations. At some point it’s going to get published, one way or another! 

The sequel to my book of 2021, Weird Field World, is also in the works. The first book deals with Earth receiving dozens of messages from unknown aliens that include the instruction on how to build advanced spaceships. The sequel will be titled Weird Field War, which says enough I think.

Innsmouth -

Weird Field World - 

What advice do you have for someone that wants to break into [writing / illustrating / composing]?

Do it. 

By that I mean, don’t talk about or think about doing it, just do it. 

If you want to draw, draw. Even if to begin with it’s only for a few minutes a day. Make a habit of it. Keep some Post-It notes on your desk, or a cheap sketchbook in your bag. 

Draw. Draw every day, so that the days when you don’t get around to it, it feels like an itch wanting to be scratched.

What are your favorite drawing tools (particular pens, pencils, softwares, whatever… if you have favorites)?

I've always been a 'traditional' artist, drawing with a pen on paper - until recently. Fineliners, particularly Copic SP Multiliners, and a pad of heavy cartridge paper have been a staple for the last five or six years at least. Then for colour, Copic Ciao markers. Some other pens make fleeting appearances, Pigma Microns, Carbon Platinum fountain pens, Stabilo Point 88 felt pens… but I almost always come back to the Copic SP Multiliners. 

But, recently, particularly with client work, and my own personal work that I want to produce as prints, I've gone digital. I used to REALLY struggle to draw digitally. I have a couple of Intuos Tablets, the kind that you draw on, while still looking at your computer screen. I could never really get past that disconnect between drawing in one place, but looking in another. Buying an iPad Pro solved that, but left me with another issue of drawing with a plastic stylus on a slippery sheet of glass. So, for digital work, on an iPad, a textured screen protector is an absolute must. Makes it feel like you're drawing on paper. (I wonder if kids brought up in a ddigital world will still have that obstacle to overcome?). 

In terms of software, for drawing, it's Procreate. An iPad only bit of drawing software that is incredibly powerful and intuitive. It works seamlessly with the iPad and Apple Pencil, and is capable of everything from incredibly slick polished work to sketchy, traditional looking art. I really can't recommend it enough. 

I still use Photoshop to do colour adjustments, or add gradients, and to clean up traditional sketches and scans. I also use Illustrator for graphics to add to my spaceships or robots. 

Keep up with Rob on…



…and check out his amazing prints at

Digital Pack and Shipping Notification Issue - Apologies!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Jan 04, 2024 at 09:30:31 AM

Hi all,

You may have received a confusing email from us as we are attempting to send out the 0.7 version of the Digital Pack.

The email subject line will read something like: "A shipment from order KS 123 is on the way"... and the email will indicate that your order is on the way and offer you a link to track the shipment.

This was in error, and here's what is actually going on.

  • We are using our Shopify store to deliver the Digital Pack as elements are added to it. (Check your spam or junk folders for a previous email with a link to download the Digital Pack).
  • All physical pledges include the Digital Pack (so if you pledged for any physical product, you are getting the Digital Pack ahead of the physical release)
  • Nothing has actually shipped out, that's just the language that Shopify uses when an order is marked as "fulfilled" (even, apparently, Digital Products)
  • You have not been charged again! The order page will indicate an order total of $20. That is the price for just the digital pack on our store, for NEW purchases. You have not been charged again (and will not be charged again) for the digital pack.

Please accept our apologies for any confusion, and please do enjoy the Digital Pack contents!

You can see the current and future state of the Digital Pack on our roadmap if you have questions about what it includes now and what's coming later.

xoxo and happy new year,


Digital Pack 0.7 is here, with some holiday treats!
2 months ago – Fri, Dec 22, 2023 at 07:35:20 PM

Hello crew!

Tomorrow is my birthday (43, wha?!), and I'm celebrating it by giving a little gift(s) to all of you who've given so much to this wild little project of ours...

The Digital Pack ... 0.7!

While we are a ways out from the full PDF being available, the first iteration of the Digital Pack is up on our new Shopify store, and it has some super cool stuff:

  •  A COLORING BOOK!  ... over 20 pages of ships, drones and robots! ... print it out and spend the holidaze in a colorful haze!
  •  A LEGO BUILD! ... um, yes you read that correctly, we got a very talented lego designer (onlunarseas) to create a lego version of the Roland-class Experimental Scout! ... download the instructions, get your pieces, and BUILD!
  •  A 3D PRINTABLE ORNAMENT! ... Holly Jenka in her infinite wisdom suggested making an ornament-size version of the Deep Space 909 model she's working on ... so of course we said YES. It is very beautiful.
  •  A VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY JUNGLE JINGLE! ... Aeon Cub suaved up a neat little ditty, a far future interpretation of Auld Lang Syne ... Auld Infinite Sine (Waves)!

Check your email!

Shortly, you should receive an email with a link to your copy of the Digital Pack.  It will come from [email protected], and look like this ...

Click that big old DOWNLOAD CONTENT button to go to the Digital Pack page, which will look like this ...

Then, you can download the bits and pieces you want, for some holiday spaceship magic!

And if your friends are jealous and want their very own shiny new Digital Pack for ALL HOLIDAZE MORN, you can direct them here!

And remember, the Digital Pack is going to get a BUNCH of stuff added over time, and you can check out the road map to see what is currently in it, and what is yet to come in the fullness of spacetime.

What next?!

We are hard at work writing, designing, scheming, dreaming, etc.

Expect another update in about a month.

In the meantime, some teasers after the sign off!

xoxo & infinite joy 


The Roland-class Experimental Scout, LEGO version!
The cover of the coloring book!
A taste of infinity...
Did someone say symbiotic nautiloid ship?

Come see us at PAX Unplugged!
3 months ago – Sat, Dec 02, 2023 at 10:38:56 AM

Hey star-friends,

Just a quick note to say that if you are at PAX Unplugged this weekend, come by and say hi!

We are at booth 4230, and have some business cards and a PAX-themed spaceship, the Player of Games.

Come see us at booth 4230

More to come soon when we decellerate from triple warp 72!

The PAX-themed Player of Games



WARP FACTOR 2198.2863
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 18, 2023 at 06:21:03 AM

This is your captain speaking.

Together, we have achieved something truly remarkable in the history of our civilization's long yearning for the stars. With your passion and dedication, we are prepared to create an Infinity of Ships to release into the universe. I am humbled to lead and to serve you in this endeavor, and look forward with great anticipation to the wonders you will discover, the journeys you will undertake, the adventures you will have. Space is vast, and strange. Beautiful, and terrifying. At times, oddly ... hilarious. And though it can at times be cold, lonely and dangerous, when we travel together we spark the soothing fires of connection, community and purpose. 

Let us explore with love, and venture without fear.


the void is bright and full of wonders

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support for this project; it means the world(s) to us.

From here, you can expect to get roughly one update per month, or whenever there’s an important notice to share. We’ll soon set up pre orders and load your data into the Pledge Manager. If you’ve never used a Pledge Manager before, don’t worry, we'll provide instructions on how to navigate it.

We'll also post periodic content and other stuff on Instagram ,  Twitter, and our general STATIONS email list.  

And here's an initial sketch from Rob of the STRATO ship that we are designing.

(If you're not already following Rob on Instagram, do so!)

sketch of the stratoship

adam out