An Infinity of Ships

Created by Adam STATION

An Infinity of Ships is an expansive toolkit for creating truly unique spaceships for your sci-fi tabletop roleplaying games. Featuring evocative ship illustrations by Rob Turpin (aka thisnorthernboy) and over 100 pages of tables, generators and adventures, this gorgeous hardcover book and accompanying card deck is the perfect resource for spacefaring GMs and players alike.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

STATUS REPORT: Digital Progress, Analog Delay
about 1 month ago – Sat, Jun 08, 2024 at 08:59:00 AM

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DS909 wallpaper, print voting, STEALTH MODE pins
3 months ago – Tue, Apr 16, 2024 at 01:22:01 PM

Who wants to see a new ship illustration?

... I thought so!

Here's the Deep Space 909, 3d version by Holly Jencka, it's a beaut...

And hey, if you want a BIG OLE VERSION of this as your desktop background, here ya go!

Get your vote on!

Damn y'all love some democracy, over 500 of you have voted for the ships that should go in the art print set.

Some front runners have emerged, so make sure to get your vote in

Given the enthusiasm for (and debate about!) the ships included, we are considering offering a second print set (with some runner-up ships) as an add-on. 

Let us know in the comments if you'd be interested in that!


We have just 48 hours left in our Pintopia campaign, and have added Stealth Mode variants of some of the pins.

Two final reminders about the pin campaign...

As a backer of Infinity of Ships, you get two free pins if you pledge to the pin campaign. 

Also, if shipping is a concern, you will have the option to combine your shipping to get your original pledge and your pins in the same shipment.

The pin campaign station warps out of the quadrant in less than 48 hours, so check it out before it's gone!



Vote for the ship prints!
3 months ago – Wed, Apr 10, 2024 at 07:54:59 PM

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Last 24 hours for a free spaceship pin of your choice
4 months ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2024 at 09:05:07 AM

I'll keep this post short, voyagers, since it's spacetime-sensitive.

Our Infinity of Pins enamel pin campaign is off to a great start (over 600% funded, all designs unlocked!).

Our early bird reward (one free pin of your choice!) expires in about 24 hours.

So if you're interested, now is a great time to back the campaign.

And just a reminder that as a backer of Infinity of Ships, you'll also get two free pins with any pledge!

Thanks again for your ongoing support!



PS here's a NEW SHIP ILLUSTRATION from Rob, for the Infinity of Ships book! 

Can't wait to tell you the backstories

Rad soundtrack, free spaceship pins, HIGHLY VOLATILE TESTING DOCUMENTS!
4 months ago – Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 07:55:59 PM

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